Anne-Marie Firmin


The Debut Classical EP

by Anne-Marie Firmin

Out Now

“I hope the result of this enjoyable creative process will bless listeners with that little splash of wonder I first felt when listening to those select few pieces on Classical FM as a child – the ones that evoke peace, mystery, and of “something more” than the every day”


Anne-Marie Firmin was captivated by classical music from an early age, growing up listening to her father’s favourite music on Classical FM and being enchanted by the soft notes of the piano and minor chords of composers such as Eindaudi. This young experience cemented the firm belief that classical music could affect mood in a way that other genres simply could not.


Through sheer determination Anne-Marie Firmin learnt the piano, mastering pieces, by ear, that she would discover on film soundtracks – particularly memorable was the unusual rhythms and emotive chords featured in “The Heart Longs For More” by Michael Nyman, from the film “The Piano”.


Slowly but surely, this led to Anne-Marie Firmin starting a musical career performing on the piano, often improvising outside of set pieces. The ecstatic feedback and obvious pleasure that audiences gave after such improvised performances led to her exploring how to capture the improvisations so she could share them more widely.


So, the journey began towards recording her first official classical release, which has evolved into her debut EP, “Waterside” – out now at all digital outlets.



In a unique collaboration, the “Waterside” EP is being released in partnership with Novel Wines, the UK’s most exciting wine shop, who have made special unique wine pairings with the five pieces from the EP.

Choosing from their catalogue of exciting, novel wines – often from regions that are not well known for their production, and from passionate small producers or community co-operatives – the partnership represents an exciting way to both release and enjoy new classical music from Anne-Marie Firmin, with the music working hand in hand with the perfect choice of wine.