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Browse a variety of Audio Bay's web development projects here.

After many years of successful web projects for our clients, Audio Bay recently launched our sister company, Global Bay, who specialise exclusively in web development.

Check them out here - Global Bay Website.

As part of the on-going brand development for artist Fraser Anderson, Audio Bay developed a brand new, eye catching website, supporting the quirky nature and message that the artist's brand portrays.

French booking agent La Buena Mezcla has worked with Audio Bay numerous times on gigs around Europe. La Buena Mezcla approached Audio Bay to help better reflect their sterling work in their online presence. Audio Bay revamped their website to a modern one-page scroll format, combining the necessity of showcasing the artist's performance and music within the functionality of the site.

Part of Audio Bay’s alumni of artists, Rishi Saluja's brand, image, sound and marketing collateral was worked on in every detail with Audio Bay alongside a number of renowned industry partners. Audio Bay took the solid brand that had been developed and built a website to match - complete with branded falling confetti.

One of Audio Bay's roster artists, AMRA needed a clean and simple website to support her online presence. Streamlined, eye catching and effective, Audio Bay developed the website and completed the package ready for the release of her EP.


Leveraging a variety of industry contacts, Audio Bay are experts in facilitating video production. Check out a handful of productions here.

Fraser Anderson - Simple Guidance

Filmed in April 2016 as part of an album release, "Simple Guidance" was conceived, facilitated, filmed and edited with close involvement from the Audio Bay team.

Rishi Saluja - Ethiopia

Conceived and facilitated as part of their artist development programme, the concept behind "Ethiopia" drew inspiration from Rishi Saluja's colourful brand and served to strengthen the strong message the artist's debut release was portraying through its marketing message.

The Beat - Walking On The Wrong Side

As part of Audio Bay's exclusive relationship with video partner GadgetLine Films, The Beat's latest video was shot in Bristol in spring 2016.

New Town Kings - Something More

Proving adept at live footage as much as official videos, Audio Bay's production team created an official video for New Town Kings using a combination of live and planned footage.

Leila Fay - Time After Time

Leila Fay's debut video single was one of Audio Bay's first projects, and was a big success, with the video production behind the lead single delivering a strong message to her fans.

AMRA - Chasing Fireflies

On the more artistic side of Audio Bay's catalogue, AMRA's in house production is testament to the fact that small budgets can often mean big results.

Fraser Anderson - Documentary

Over the course of a weekend in Switzerland, Audio Bay and their team facilitated the production of a mini documentary for the artist Fraser Anderson. It serves as a feature film, which fans have already shown great enthusiasm for, giving a small insight into the “behind the scenes” processes of the artist's life.

Holy Moly and The Crackers at Boomtown

Live videos form an integral part of an artist's online repertoire, Audio Bay's team filmed this live show by Holy Moly and The Crackers at Boomtown.


Audio Bay's extensive experience in the design of all aspects can help make the difference to your projects, whether for essential release time artwork or for on-going promotion.

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