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Rosie Southern

Rosie Southern is a 20 year old singer / songwriter from Bristol who has impressed with her recent performances at the Hay on Wye and Glastonbury festivals.


Rosie taught herself to sing in her bedroom, growing up on the blues and jazz her Grandmother listened to. Without a formal musical education her songwriting is natural and intuitive:


“I like my songs to have honesty and integrity – it has to be something I want to sing. I hate formulas, that just totally kills the feel and enjoyment in a song. That doesn’t mean I don’t have structure to my songs but that comes later, it’s not my starting point. I don’t set out to write a certain type of song, I just start singing”.


Live music is Rosie’s real passion – nothing beats getting up on stage and drawing an audience into her world – but she is currently taking some time off from performing to write and record her debut EP. The rest of her summer will be spent working in Bristol, Dublin and London creating the songs she’ll be sharing next year. Check out www.rosiesouthern.com for more info.